Thanks for popping by! I am currently working as a post-doc with Loïc Pellissier in the Landscape Ecology Group at ETH Zürich and the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape (WSL), where I am using simulation models to understand the macroevolutionary drivers behind broad scale biodiversity patterns (find out more). Before this, I did my PhD with Marcel Cardillo in the Macroevolution and Macroecology Group at the Australian National University.

I’m interested in finding links between a whole host of biogeographic diversity patterns and the macroevolutionary histories of the plant and animal clades that contribute to them. Questions I am interested in include; can we detect the deep history signatures of speciation, extinction and geographic range evolution dynamics in spatial and phylogenetic data? Do equilibrium or non-equilibrium dynamics drive patterns of species diversity across spatial scales? What factors drive exceptional plant diversity in Mediterranean-Type-Ecosystems? To tackle these kinds of problems I use spatial, phylogenetic, and ecological trait data alongside simulation modelling and phylogenetic comparative methods.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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